Any relevant teaching material will be found here. I have also included a list of subjects and my preferred textbook(s) for each. For access to previous material feel free to send me an email!

Current Courses


Previous Courses

Fall, 2021
MATH201 – Differential Equations

Winter, 2021
MATH201 – Differential Equations

Fall, 2020
MATH209 – Calculus III

Spring, 2020
MATH209 – Calculus III

Fall, 2019
MATH201 – Differential Equations

Real Analysis

  • Introduction to AnalysisE. Gaughan
  • Real Analysis: Measure theory, Integration & Hilbert Spaces – E. Stein & R. Shakarchi
  • The Elements of Integration – R. Bartle
  • Principles of Mathematical Analysis – W. Rudin

Complex Analysis

  • Complex Variables – S. Fisher

Differential Equations

  • Partial Differential Equations – L. Evans
  • Elliptic Partial Differential Equations of Second Order – Gilbarg & Trudinger
  • Elliptic & Parabolic Equations – Z. Wu, J. Yin & C. Wang
  • Ordinary Differential Equations with Applications – C. Chicone

Functional Analysis

  • Functional Analysis – P. Lax
  • Functional Analysis – W. Rudin
  • Functional Analysis, Sobolev Spaces and Partial Differential Equations – H. Brezis
  • Sobolev Spaces – R. Adams, J. Fournier
  • An Introduction to Hilbert Space – N. Young
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